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How To Remove White Spots on Hardwood Floors

Posted on June 18, 2012 by in Cleaning, Home Improvement

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As you may already know the worst enemy of hardwood floors is moisture. If they are new and the coating is still fresh the can endure a lot of spills and moisture. But as time passes the coating will not be able to protect your floor effectively and moisture can create nasty white stains that will make your floor look old and dingy. In this article we’ll discus some easy cleaning recipes to remove such stains.

It is highly recommended by expert cleaners that offer professional cleaning services that you tackle the white stains while they are still fresh. It’s very simple actually. Just get a hair dryer and point to the moist spot. Wave it around, so you don’t keep the heat on only one spot and damage the coating. After that make a mixture from 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon water. The whole idea is to make a paste. Dip a clean clothe into the paste and rub the stained surface with it in circular motions. To remove the baking soda residue dampen a cloth with water and wipe the leftovers. If the stain is still visible move to the next recipe.

Dampen a cloth with mineral spirits. Mineral spirits are usually used for paint removal but also work great on these kinds of stains. Rub the stain with the dampened cloth and see if the stain disappears. If it’s still not giving up we’ll try another cleaning method.

Take an iron, switch on and put the setting on medium heat. Take a clean towel and put it on the stained surface. Run the iron several times over the white towel. After a few passes inspect if the stain is gone. If it’s still present we’ll try a final cleaning recipe.

Make a cleaning solution from 1 part white vinegar and 1 part olive oil. Dip a clean cloth in the mixture and rub the stained surface. This should get rid of the stains nicely. Buff the floor afterwards with another dry cloth.

I hope these tips are helpful and you’ll keep your floor clean for a long time. If you ever need expert domestic cleaning in London call professionals and ask them to shine your place.

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