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How to Make Your Own Upholstery Cleaner

Posted on March 14, 2012 by in Cleaning, Home Improvement

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If you are a passionate housewife and love to see your house clean and shining, there are easy techniques to maintain and put it in order. Let’s start from the upholstered furniture which you love because of the warm and cosy feeling they create in your home atmosphere. There is a big variety of colours, materials and patterns from which you can choose to correspond best to your home. However, each type of them needs different cleaning and maintaining, so it can live longer and in good looking. This doesn’t mean you should call a professional every time your upholstery needs cleaning, because here you are the easiest methods for doing it yourself.

When it comes to regular upholstery cleaning, you should try to remove at least a few times a week the dirt from it and thus avoid accumulating it on the furniture. Before you start, it’s first recommended to determine the type of the fabrics your upholstery is made of. It should be written on the label of the furniture, somewhere on its backside and always be careful when reading for some warnings about harmful cleaning products that may damage the upholstery.

When cleaning your upholstered furniture with a vacuum machine, always use the bristled brush attachment to gently remove the dust and dirt from the surface. This attachment is a better choice because it helps the fabrics to last longer.

Keep in mind to be careful when you use a new cleaning product on your upholstery. It is not always working that well as it is prescribed and may cause damages to the fabrics or fading of their colours. That’s why before the real upholstery cleaning, apply a small amount from the product on a hidden area on the furniture to test it and make sure in the final results.

As cleaning products for upholstery, you can choose between mild or powdered detergents or upholstery shampoos. You also need a cleaning sponge to help you apply and spread the cleaning product onto the entire surface of the upholstered furniture. Devote every day a few minutes to quickly clean your upholstery with some baby wipes that work well on light stains and new dirt.

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