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How to Clean Your Carpet with Shaving Cream

Posted on April 18, 2012 by in Cleaning, Home Improvement

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Did you know that there is a huge variety of cheap household products that you can use to preserve the good look of your domestic environment? For instance, did you know that you can clean your carpet with shaving cream?! Well, if you do not believe it keep reading to find that cleaning your carpet with shaving cream is actually possible.

According to cleaning London professionals there are numerous effective homemade recipes that you can use to maintain the good look of your home. And by using them you not only get the wanted results, but save lots of money that you usually give for expensive chemical detergents. And now we are going to tell you how to clean your carpet with shaving cream.

1. Shaving cream is a perfect carpet cleaner. It is cheap and very effective when you have to deal with different sorts of stains on your carpets. However, you should always test this product on some unseen part of your carpet first. Usually, you can use any type of shaving cream. However, it is known that gel based, menthol and coloured shaving cream could cause fabric discolourations. So, the most secure way is to use white shaving cream for your carpet cleaning. Also, it would be good to use foam instead of gel to get rid of the remaining residue. In fact, shaving cream is a whipped soap that can remove different stains.

2. So, before starting your carpet cleaning, you have to sweep the area with a stiff broom to remove any dirt or debris. Then, continue the pre-cleaning process by vacuuming the entire surface of your carpet. This way, you will remove any remaining dirt from the carpet.

3. Now, professional cleaners in London advise to gather all your cleaning tools and materials to begin the cleaning. Take a bottle of shaving cream and spray it over the affected areas on the carpet. Leave it sit for about 20 to 25 minutes. Then gently scrub the shaving cream into the fabric with a scrub brush. It would be good to rub gently, because if you apply too much pressure, you can spread the stain and make it difficult to remove.

4. The last step that you have to take is to rinse the shaving cream off. For the purpose, you need to dampen a clean cloth in a mixture of white vinegar and water. Then blot the affected area dry. Carpet cleaning London professionals say that you can use your vacuum cleaner to remove the shaving cream, as well.

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