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How to Clean a Winter Jacket

Posted on January 4, 2012 by in Cleaning

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It’s winter time and the weather is cold outside. Everybody wears winter clothes, boots and jackets. It’s very important for us to know exactly how to clean properly our winter jackets because of the possibility to damage their fibres. The problems with cleaning a winter jacket come from the thickness of its filling. That’s why you need a little help to have a great result from your efforts.

As cleaners Cheam advise – don’t wet too much a winter jacket because the dirty particles can seep through all the layers of your jacket. So, devote more time on washing it and follow the guidelines below:

  • If there are certain stains on the jacket, before washing treat them with some good detergent. Put a few drops on the stained area of the jacket and rub without using pressure.
  • Read carefully the instructions on the jacket’s label and depending on what is described there, set the washing machine. Put appropriate temperature and wait till it’s filled with water.
  • Use a liquid detergent or appropriate for the fabrics of the jacket one and pour enough quantity of it into the water in the washing machine.
  • When the water becomes soapy, put your jacket in it and wait till it settles and then turn off the machine. However, if it doesn’t, you will need to push it under the water.
  • Depending on how much the jacket is soiled, let it sit in the water for several hours.
  • When you think the jacked is soaked enough, turn on the washing machine and wait till it finishes running.
  • When the washing machine is over, take out the jacket and hang in a place with well air-circulation or in a drying machine set on cool. Cleaners Cheam remind you that it has to be completely dried no matter which way for drying it you will choose. It’s very important to prevent the jacket from overheating because of the possibility to damage the fabrics and its filling.

At the end, we can say that it’s also necessary to check carefully if there are any special directions on the label of the jacket. Some different kinds of fabric have different cleaning requirements.

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