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Easy Tips for Snow and Ice Removal

Posted on February 2, 2012 by in Cleaning

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Winter can make things rather slippery around your home, especially if you spill something in front of your home. It’s one thing to perform a rather heart stopping balancing act on the streets and quite another to tolerate this sort of shenanigans on your own property. Here are some easy to execute tips, when the snow and ice eventually build up around your home and make walking a very dangerous activity.

Cleaners Hackney Marshes share that if you don’t want to pay for cleaning services, you better learn how to properly deal with snowfall. I have to say that the general psychology dictates that you should consider cleaning the snow only after it has made passing through it an unbearable challenge. It’s no wonder that cleaning the snow and ice seems nigh impossible; you have left the situation to go out of hand. My advice to you is not to wait until it has stopped snowing and the sky has cleared, but to shovel the snow with each new shower. This way you protect your property from being buried under and as a bonus saves you the trouble of a thick ice sheet later on as well. Walked on snow flattens and creates the ice you slip on.

This is the reason why, I think you should devote even a little of your time daily to shovel as much as you can. Every bit counts, you see. However, should you find yourself in the situation that you already have a crisis on your hands, you have several options. If your problem is soggy snow, which is a very slippery surface, use sand to make a safe path to your front door. Sand or fertilizer, if you have a green thumb and grow flowers around the house, absorbs the water and will allow you to gain traction in this situation. Ice should be treated with salt to help melt it, since salt water has a lower freezing point.

Now, that you have to preserve your home from any footprints you might leave on the floor or the carpet, so consider having a brush at the footsteps and a matter spot, where you can clean your shoes. Cleaners Hackney Wick advise you don’t choose the easy way out with cleaning ice, meaning that you use hot water to melt the ice. That would be a temporary solution and later turn into ice as well.

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